About Fox Energy Specialists

Fox Energy Specialists is a Texas-based company that provides independent third-party energy efficiency inspections, testing, and ratings. Additionally, we provide green building consulting and training services for builders, homeowners, utility companies, government agencies, and commercial facilities.

Fox Energy Specialists, a Division of The Nelrod Company, has been providing energy inspection, testing, and rating services since 2001, and we have certified more than 70,000 homes.

Our mission is to promote energy efficient and environmentally responsible building that is marketable and affordable to our clients.

Our firm is one of the few Home Energy Rating Providers to cross market segments and provide energy efficiency consulting, home energy ratings and services to support residential and commercial construction, as well as affordable housing, public housing and multi-family developments.

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Dallas/Fort Worth Corporate Office
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Fox Energy Specialists Corporate Office
3301 West Fwy.  | Fort Worth, Texas 76107
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San Antonio Office
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